Electrical Engineering


Monarch Techno Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offers Electrical Engineering Services that can help to determine the requirements of power system and evaluate current system capacity. Our skilled technicians and engineers help in designing a solution with exact electric distribution equipment to get process on-line safety and effectively according to NEC, NEMA, IEEE, and IEC, BS, IS, and other international standards.

Being a leading organization from Maharashtra (India), we execute design and detailed engineering for several types of electrical systems that are used in control room, shipping stations, cooling tower system, condensate units, etc. Our department take utmost care of varied technical facets of several restraints of electrical engineering such as power plant engineering, parallel processing, etc.

Process of Electrical Engineering

  • Study of load flow
  • Motor Control Centers, HV/ LV Switchgear selection
  • AC/DC UPS selection
  • Distribution and power transformers selection
  • Electrical equipment selection in hazardous area
  • Planning supply change over schemes for income and outgoing feeder control systems
  • Motor/Transformer Protection Relays/Feeder selection
  • Layouts of switchyard/ transformer/MCC Room/Battery Room/Swithgear
  • Layouts of Cable Tray/Trench/Cable Routing/Earthing/Lighting (Indoor/ Outdoor)
  • Layouts of Lightning Protection
  • Schedules of power, control cable and cable drum
  • SCADA I/O List
  • Interface Activities with Civil/ Machinery/ Instrumentation
  • Electrical Data Input for Packaged Equipment
  • Requisition/ Specifications for HV/ LV Switchgear, Motor Control Centre, MV/ LV Motors, Power / Distribution Transformers, Lighting/ Small Power Distribution Boards, AC/ DC UPS, Lighting Fixtures, Power/ Control Cables, Cable Trays, Earthing Materials, etc.
  • Bill of Quantities for Bulk Materials
  • Standard Installation Drawings for Power System, Earthing System, Lighting System and Cable Tray/ Ladders
  • Thermal & mechanical designing of Boilers
  • Designing of Water Pre-heater, IBR Boilers, Super heaters & Non-IBR APH, Economizers, Chimney, etc.
  • Vendor Bids review and analysis of Issue Technical Bid
  • Interconnection Diagrams preparation amidst several equipment
  • Attending SAFOP/ HAZOP Meetings
  • Construction scope of work preparation and answer bidder technical queries
  • As-Built the Project Drawings/ Documentation