Products Platform

Build apps fast. Build business faster.

Meet the world’s #1
Enterprise cloud platform.
The Salesforce1 Platform lies at the heart of the Customer Success Platform, providing the core set of technologies that not only power our own products, but also allow you to build your own custom apps, connect data from any system, and manage it all from anywhere.

Everything you need to build apps, fast.
Discover the tools and services trusted by over 100,000 customers to build over 4 million apps.
But what happens when the execution slips from what is planned? Vigilant reports and dashboards would alert you in time.

Solution Stack

New release: Lightning

Now anyone can build apps, fast, with just a few clicks. Design custom apps for each device, all from one canvas

What you build on

These foundational elements free IT to innovate on apps instead of managing hardware and infrastructure.

What you build with

All the tools and services to build apps that connect with customers, employees, partners, and even products, faster.

How you integrate

Unlock your back office and integrate everything with robust APIs and services

How you manage

Manage apps, users, profiles, and more with services to make day-to-day app management simpler and faster