Design & Drafting


Monarch Techno Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. brings the most advanced Designing & Drafting Engineering Services for Oil & Gas companies Engineering Solution for Oil and Gas industry. With the help of our trained experts, we are able to cater our services to global clients. Our Designing & Drafting Engineering Services for Oil & Gas companies engineers help in research and defining project scope. Also, they assist to develop full engineering packages for constructing and developing Oil & Gas companies.

Our professionals are well familiar with advanced technologies, drafting tools, and recognized processes that completely pull their combined engineering skills to assist in forming our client’s oil and gas projects. Our solutions are quite cost-effective that helps to meet the requirements of every client.

Additionally, we use a combined project scoping and procedures of design that helps to generate exact drawing for our client’s projects. This preparation has helped us to make huge percentage of facility components without any requirement for subsequent modification of field, consuming less time and assuring uniform quality control. Being a leading organization from Maharashtra (India), we equip with essential tools to match our customer’s project aim.

Process of Design & Drafting

  • Adaptation of all Paper Based Legacy Source data comprising of Study Drawings, Manual Sketches, As-Built Drawings into intelligent uses
  • Alteration PDF/TIFF Formats to DWG Format
  • Conversion of Format and Digitization
  • Preparation of 2-D & 3-D Plant Model to construct exact replica of model
  • Built-up 3-D Plant Model from existing 2-D Drawings