Detailed Engineering


Monarch Techno Engineering Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is backed with many years of experience in catering Design and Detailed Engineering Services to Oil and Gas Companies. We have team of engineers who are highly experienced and trained in offering accurate Detailed Engineering Services for Oil & Gas companies Solution to clients. Our advanced designing method of preparing plant model for oil and gas projects help in forming an exact industrial plant.

Our engineers provide pre-bid engineering support, construction support and as-built engineering. Apart from offering engineering solution, we also provide full training on entire concept of designing and constructing a plant for oil and gas industries. We have a complete multi- disciplinary engineering method to use advanced software for design, FEM analysis, detailing, drafting and plant 3D modelling.

So far, Monarch has famed itself in these application areas by timely delivery of detailed engineering services. As such, we are widely honoured in the market as one of the leading service provider of Plant Engineering and Designing Services from Maharashtra, India.

Process of Design & Detailed Engineering

  • Prepare process and instrumentation diagram (PID) and Process Flow Diagram (PFD), Utility Flow Diagrams
  • Developing Process Basis of Design and Process Calculation, Material Selection, Simulation Checks as required.
  • Develop assigning and operating processes
  • Piping GA Drawings & Piping Routing
  • Piping Isometric & Support
  • Customization of drawings, equipment data sheet, material specifications & database.
  • Planning of plot, equipment layout & piping study
  • Prepare Stress Critical Line List
  • Emphasize analysis of Piping Systems, MTO (BOM)
  • Electrical Load Flow
  • Selection of Feeder /Motor/Transformer Protection Relays
  • Switchgear/MCC Room / Battery Room Studies
  • Selection of HV/LV Switchgear, Motor Control Centers, AC/DC UPS, Power/ Distribution Transformers.
  • Alteration of Designing Supply over schemes for Incoming and Outgoing Feeders
  • Control Layout, Cable Tray/Trench Layouts/Cable Routing/Earthing Layouts, Lighting (Indoor/ Outdoor) Layouts & Lightning Protection Layouts
  • Develop Instrument Control Philosophy, Control Logics, Cause & Effect Diagrams, Specification, Instrument Index, I/O List, Instrument Cable Schedule, JB Interconnection, Layouts and all other construction related drawings
  • Preparation of Process Data Sheet and Specification Sheet using INtools techniques